Aging Cleveland Browns Fans Want Just One Super Bowl Before They Die

The mere mention of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl makes lifelong fan John Brown water at the eyes. “I can’t put it into words and it hasn’t even happened yet,” he said after admittedly tearing up at the thought. The 45-year-old die-hard was giddy at the idea of his team even playing in […]

Cleveland Browns Preseason Main Event Hysteria: Johnny Manziel and National Media vs. Brian Hoyer

This is one of the more confusing times to be a Cleveland Browns fan. We appreciate things a certain way. By definition, we cheer for the underdog. Our team has been an underdog since becoming an expansion franchise, maybe even longer than that. We have incumbent starter Brian Hoyer who started three games in 2013 […]

Brian Hoyer Trade Rumors Are Baseless Speculation

The Cleveland Browns will not comment on trade rumors involving quarterback Brian Hoyer. During his routine post-practice press conference, head coach Mike Pettine was asked if there are any wheels to the Hoyer-to-Houston buzz that has been picking up steam this week. As Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot noted from interviews both Tuesday and […]

Cleveland Browns Media Desire Team’s Relevancy as Much as Fans

Crazy, passionate, and inconsequentially loyal, Clevelanders are all super-fans, always sporting their Cleveland Browns colors on their sleeves. Browns football is literally ingrained in society in Northeast Ohio. That’s how 29-year-old Cleveland sports radio host Will Burge succinctly sums up Browns fans and their relationships with their team. “The only fan bases that come close […]

Johnny Manziel and Browns Youngsters in Preseason Position Battles

It has been a short seven months and 10 days since the Cleveland Browns dropped their final game of the 2013 season. But now they’re back, baby. We know it doesn’t matter. It’s just preseason, glorified scrimmages, really. The product you see at 7:30 p.m. when they storm Ford Field in Detroit won’t be what […]

Report: Cleveland Browns Eyeing 8-Game Josh Gordon Suspension

Josh Gordon is most likely going to be suspended. That’s the pessimist talking inside every Cleveland Browns fan, and even within the organization apparently as everyone waits patiently for a ruling, or settlement. But how many games will he be banned for, is the question. Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer reported whispers within […]

New Breed of Cleveland Browns Superfans Leading the Way

It was roughly 4 a.m. on the chilly morning of October 13, 2013, as super fans Pumpkin Head and Captain Cleveland led hoards of Cleveland Browns fans on their familiar pilgrimage from suburbia to their lakefront holy ground, FirstEnergy Stadium. “The Factory of Sadness,” as it has been dubbed by local Cleveland comedian Milk Polk […]