Cleveland Browns Fans Are Without a Doubt NFL’s Best

Cleveland Browns fans have had little to cheer about for a long time, as you’ve learned or have been painfully reminded throughout this series. But still they come. Still they support their franchise from every corner of the globe. And for that it’s impossible to discount them when discussing the best fans in the NFL. […]

Aging Cleveland Browns Fans Want Just One Super Bowl Before They Die

The mere mention of the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl makes lifelong fan John Brown water at the eyes. “I can’t put it into words and it hasn’t even happened yet,” he said after admittedly tearing up at the thought. The 45-year-old die-hard was giddy at the idea of his team even playing in […]

Cleveland Browns Media Desire Team’s Relevancy as Much as Fans

Crazy, passionate, and inconsequentially loyal, Clevelanders are all super-fans, always sporting their Cleveland Browns colors on their sleeves. Browns football is literally ingrained in society in Northeast Ohio. That’s how 29-year-old Cleveland sports radio host Will Burge succinctly sums up Browns fans and their relationships with their team. “The only fan bases that come close […]

New Breed of Cleveland Browns Superfans Leading the Way

It was roughly 4 a.m. on the chilly morning of October 13, 2013, as super fans Pumpkin Head and Captain Cleveland led hoards of Cleveland Browns fans on their familiar pilgrimage from suburbia to their lakefront holy ground, FirstEnergy Stadium. “The Factory of Sadness,” as it has been dubbed by local Cleveland comedian Milk Polk […]