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Grading the Cleveland Browns’ Preseason Performance

Typically, preseason is a tough time to evaluate how a team is doing because starters play limited snaps, coaches are doing vanilla plays, they are testing rookies in various new roles, and honestly players go into games with varying effort levels because these games don’t count. However, Pro Football Focus grading is a great tool […]


Browns Training Camp: Decoding the Coach Speak

I have little doubt that covering the Cleveland Browns beat can be a tiresome job. While on the surface many of us might think watching and writing about football for a living would be a dream, after a while any work becomes work. This must be especially true when reporting on a franchise that’s predominantly […]

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Around The Beat: Required Browns Reading For Aug. 20th

With the Browns set to take on the Buffalo Bills tonight on ESPN, Wednesday was a light day of practice, and in turn, a light … [Read More...]

Around the Beat: Required Browns reading for Aug. 18th

Yesterday, the Cleveland Browns tooka train up to Rochester, New York for some joint practices with the Buffalo Bills ahead … [Read More...]

Cleveland Browns lose to Redskins, but it’s only preseason

It wasn’t great, it wasn’t pretty at times, but it wasn’t bad either, it was the Cleveland Browns’ first preseason game. Try … [Read More...]

Around the Beat: Required Cleveland Browns reading for Aug. 12

Training camp is coming to a close for Cleveland Browns fans, but that's not a bad ting. It means real football is finally, … [Read More...]

Around The Beat: Required Cleveland Browns Reading For Aug. 11th (With Bonus Monday Camp Notes)

The Browns resumed contact practice on Monday, but the biggest stories to come out of practice were not necessarily the … [Read More...]

Around the Beat: Required Cleveland Browns reading for Aug. 10

It’s game week, finally! The Cleveland Browns basically took the weekend off, conducting only a no-pads walkthrough on Sunday … [Read More...]

Browns scrimmage showed vastly improved offense

It's just a scrimmage, but the Browns are already showing signs of improvement. As you might expect in a controlled … [Read More...]

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It’s Not Johnny Manziel Time in Cleveland Yet

Johnny Manziel rolled left then hit Darius Jennings for a 37-yard completion while on the run and throwing across his body. … [Read More...]

After Further Review: What Bills vs. Browns says about Cleveland

The Browns “lost” to the Bills 11-10 Thursday night at First Energy Stadium, but digging deeper into Bills vs. Browns is … [Read More...]

Bills Backups Rally to Beat Browns

EJ Manuel made a case to be the Bills starting quarterback leading a late fourth quarter drive against the Browns backups, … [Read More...]

Bills vs Browns – What to Expect

There has been a growing murmur amongst the Browns media that the team lacks intensity, in addition to the mounting list of … [Read More...]

Browns Camp: Talking Justin Gilbert, Cam Erving, and more

A matter of hours had passed since I’d argued the Browns need to make it work with Terrance West last Tuesday when the Ray … [Read More...]

Predicting Browns’ 53-man roster, wide receiver edition

Terrelle Pryor returned to Cleveland Browns practice on Saturday and will compete this week after watching rejuvenated Travis … [Read More...]

After further review: Biggest takeaways from Browns loss

The Browns lost 20-17 to the Redskins, which is fact, but the score doesn’t really tell the story. First and foremost, the … [Read More...]